Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Color Your World-One Gemstone at a Time

CGD Color of the Month

What on earth happened to April?  I'm sorry for my absence but it's been a little hectic lately.  My husband had leg surgery due to the Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer) he's dealing with. That along with a busy spring season of work, and multiple projects around the house we're trying to finish, I forgot to post the 

CDG Color of the Month for April

When I think of a an interior design style using the gemstone Diamon I think, Glitz, Glam and Shiny! So here's a few of my favorite room designs.

CDG Color of the Month-May

emerald green

What can I say about Emerald, rich colors, bold design, fabulous landscapes!

green color scheme

Emerald pairs well with white, black or navy blue too!

green velevet sofa

emerald green

green and navy

Now for a project update!
We replaced our old, plain boring hollow core doors with ones that have more of a cottage flavor to compliment the recent kitchen update we did last year, and I have to say... I love them!
What a difference a new door and trim make to a home.  The old doors and trim were pretty beat up and tired looking.  I pinned some ideas to dress them up a bit here, but in the end I purchased new ones from Lowe's on sale.  I figure all the time and materials it would have taken to dress up the old ones would have cost alot more after all was "said and done."

These new doors are a solid core Masonite that I ordered pre primed so I could paint them, and the trim in the same Benjamin Moore color I used in the kitchen on the ceiling and cabinets, OC117 Simply White.

I selected a lever style handles in an aged bronze finish, that are easy to operate (even if your hads are full) and add to the cottage feel.  We used a contractor to install the pre-hung doors because he was able to the work much faster that we could have, and with hubby not feeling so good these days it was the only way to go.  I still have to fill holes and paint the trim, which did save us some money as well, but they are pretty much done!

I'm now moving on to the stairway makeover, I'm on a roll...so stay tuned...

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Color Your World-One Gemstone at a Time

CGD Color of the Month



I love the color green in almost any shade!  It reminds me of the out doors and is such a great backdrop for other colors.  
The original birthstone for March is Bloodstone but by 1912 Aquamarine was adopted as the modern day gemstone for March. 
It is said that these pale blue-green stones are associated with good health, youth, love and hope. 

Just being in a room designed with this color palette makes me happy! It has a very calming effect on most people, I believe because the varying shades of blue green color remind one of the ocean, in fact the word Aquamarine is from the Latin, aqua marina,  water, sea.  It pairs well with many different colors such as, rust and pink tones, as well as lavender,  yellows and browns.


Just look at the way these contrasting colors blend seamlessly, creating a bold yet calming color palette.  I love how colors found in nature go so well together.  
They were "beautifully and wonderfully made"!
Can you imagine how this color scheme would translate into a room design?

aqua and rust colors

rust and teal color

rust and teal

I love the bold color contrast of this combination too!

bold color combo

bold color combination

Now for some softer Aquamarine color combinations!

painted chairs

I love how these painted chairs add a touch of Aquamarine to this gorgeous eating area mimicking the calm ocean view!


Gorgeous Tile!

So many choices in accessories!

So, what's your birthstone?  Have you used this color in your decorating projects?  I'd love to see how you've transformed a room using any of these fabulous color combinations!  Be sure to visit my Pinterest page for all photo sources.  Also please visit my Facebook page, "Like" and post a photo of your project featuring this color!
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